Got your non-orange crush.

Banner day.

Five 'A' Saturday.

By all (legal) means.

To view sign...

The way north, north, north.

Carefully made warnings.

That doesn't work with a tomato.

Sunday sales begin at 12:30.

The story 'needs' art.

Emptier tonight.

Unexpect the expected.

Soggy bands.

Only 652.

On-the-job sports training.

Skyline, with cranes.

More pendentives, fewer squinches.

Sensitive day.

September 10th.


Newsstand eyecatchers.

Guide to content.

Happy Labor Day Eve.

Hey, why Labor Day?

A strenuous denial.

Speaking from the 404.

Wednesday afternoon.

Sigma September.

Lizard-witness news.

Storm will pass.

Adding fuel.

Chadwick Boseman.

Avoidance maneuver.

In the gulf.

A long temporary.


The things we have to lose.

Droplet patterns.

Trucking on.

Call to the light.

Gotta do the work.

Up and coming.

Forming a more perfect (union.)

Convening, but not really.

Social fatigue.

Such a good feeling.

High side, low side.


Some more smiling.

Anger management.

Wind direction.

Too dangerous a season.

Alone among peers.

Only the first Thursday of August.

Unsafe practices.



Bracket of life.

Month 8.


Patterns on the land.


Please hold.

Notes to end a Monday.

Douglas’s pending arrival.

July doldrums.

Shaped letters.

Axe capital.


Won’t be fooled again?

Doesn’t feel like Monday.

Cough, cough.

John Lewis, marching on.

Painting in.

Fractional dimensions.

Penn Central commute.



Sponge, proof, fondant.


Ten days in.

La drama de papel.

More cities require masks.


The pattern of this year.

The day after Independence.

I like signs.

Eve of Independence.

Just do the thing.

July, the roller-coaster month.