Sunday, May 28th, 1995

Hello from Atlanta, where we’ve had a series of wet, warm downpours that are indeed the mark of the month of May hereabouts. You can tell we’ve just had one because what appears to be a small tree is crammed up against the back tires of our pickup truck…that’s because our neighbors up the street (topographically) put out all these plant cuttings on the curb; a downpour occurs, the streets are awash with a torrent of water, and their stuff gets gullywashed down our way. Life in the hot and muggy city, I guess. I’ve missed a lot of these weather follies during a late-in-the-week trip to Albuquerque (where it was windy, cool, and quite enjoyable.) And now, on Memorial Day weekend, we’re enjoying yet some more rain. And debris.

If you check into this page often (and I’m not sure why you would–but thanks for doing so), you’ll find that I rant all too much about the weather, in part because that’s what everyone around here does. It’s part of the Positively Atlanta Georgia experience.

In honor of my friends Nancy and Deb, who have a quite unnatural attraction to Warren Zevon, I’ve picked up his new CD, ‘Mutineer,’ where he looms large on the cover looking like one of Jimmy Buffet’s more coke-addled shipmates. They were playing some Warren in Albuquerque on Coyote Radio (button number 2 on my Avis rental car, right past NPR.)

My brother’s added what might actually be some useful content to his web page. It’s something he calls Tricks of the Trade, and if you’re in our trade, it might be useful. Also, if you’re in our trade, you might welcome the opportunity to read me droning on in print about the convergence of print and video. As an experiment, I’ve uploaded some of my old speech-type things. Tedious when delivered aloud, they might just be palatable in this form, if a bit out of date.