Joinings and other celebrations.

Tuesday, June 13th, 1995

It’s a cool night, and here, that’s an enormous relief after more than two weeks of unrelenting blastfurnace heat and humidity. Just past midnight in the eastern time zone, and I’m sitting back and relaxing after an event-filled weekend. Literally.

Saturday and Sunday (and several days leading up to the weekend) were consumed by the hoopla of Jennifer and Guy‘s wedding (Guy’s name is pronounced in the French manner, with a hard ‘G’ and an ‘eeee’). They were married in a fairly orthodox Jewish ceremony in Sandy Springs, a neighborhood on the north side of Atlanta, and the days (and our house) have been filled with comings and goings of friends of theirs and those of my wife Sammy&emdash;mostly anthropologists and archeologists who love to celebrate.

On Monday, we celebrated some more &emdash; at the home of my brother James, who marked the passing of another year with family and friends (and with a reflection or two&emdash;see his home page). That’s his picture at the top of this page, in a more serious, hardworking moment. Hey, sometimes he is serious&emdash;and hardworking.But last night, he was celebratory&emdash;and hungry. We had ice cream cake and an enormous submarine sandwich, and his daughter&emdash;not quite three&emdash;sang a very passable version of that ‘Happy Birthday’ song. He’s now webspinning at full v.34 speeds, as am I&emdash;if I can get the CRL Atlanta nodes to connect a bit more reliably.

This week webwise, I wanted to mention that my most frequently flown airline Delta has established a web-presence, largely unpublicized at this point. It’s a page that calls up Delta schedules for you. Give it a try. Also notable: The Village Voice and L.A. Weekly have joined forces to put together an ‘Essential Guide to New York and LA at Night‘. Hmm. Finally, I’m not that much of a sports fan (that is, not a fan-atic), but I am really impressed with the job ESPN does in porting its comprehensive coverage to the WWW. (As opposed to the WWF.) They call it ESPNet SportsZone, and it’s a great place to go when the news concerns sports.