Just what day is it, exactly?

Saturday, April 19th, 1997

Hello on a Saturday where the warmth has finally returned to our little corner of the world, after a week of temperatures that, I’ll admit, would seem tropical to the people of Fargo, but for Atlanta, it was just a bit nippy. But forget that now, it’s warm, sunny, everything anyone would want for a Freaknik weekend.

You may have heard about this on the news. Somehow, Atlanta became the hip place to party for Spring breaking students from ‘traditionally’ Black colleges. Somehow this terrifies some of our fair citizens. Kinda seems silly and overblown to me all the way around.

I just hope everybody enjoys the weekend and approaches the next week with maybe 10% less stress than the week before. (Oh yeah, I’d also like a small order of world peace with that, as well.)

I updated this page because there are now pictures for you to look at, a slice of Real life. It’s kind of an experiment: I think they’d be of little interest unless you were actually in the picture. (They’re tiny, for one thing.) And there’s another page full of photos here called Veto Las Vegas, which probably make even less sense.

I also updated it because the date was wrong on the page–in fact, on all the pages. Somehow (power surge? cosmic rays? Daylight savings time?) the clock on my computer was set 24 hours ahead, an advantage as far as showing up for appointments was concerned, but otherwise, a hindrance. I’m amazed it took as long as it did for me to notice.

The framework of this site continues to evolve. The usefulness of this site…well, I leave that determination up to you. I have this strange sense of becoming less interesting and having less to offer as time goes on. Might just be an illustion of perspective, like the very convincing mirages we saw driving through Death Valley.