Moving day.

Monday, November 17th, 1997

Actually, there’s not very much to it. You get into the old directories, issue the required rm *, directory by directory, and then rmdir * the whole bunch, and leave a tiny trail of crumbs here to our new home. That’s about it. It’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper than renting a Ryder truck to make the transition when all you’re carrying is electrons from one corner of the world to another.

Hello from Atlanta, and more importantly, hello from, the fine folks who have consented to host these baffling pages. Yep, this is the first move for this site, and I hope it will be the last, for a while. My previous Internet Service provider, CRL, just couldn’t seem to keep up with the demand, and worse, the Atlanta dial-ins always seemed to be screwed up in one way or another.

And ironically, the old site wasn’t actually physically in Atlanta–CRL is based out in Silicon Valley land, somewhere. Now, at least, when the arteries of the Internet clog, you’ll know the trouble may well be in the Peach State.

Ah, new surroundings. Plenty of space. Comfortable environs. Guard dog often in the same room as the server (that’s another story.)

So maybe these new digs will give me the inspiration to visit this space more often and pour out what few words are still a-jangling around in what’s left of my brain.

I look back at this year, a rather transitional one for me, and it’s really amazing what I haven’t talked about. Opportunities for articulation abound. I just have to find the exact correct posture and mindset and hour of the late-night, crack open a can of Tab, and chat with y’all.

Just that easy? We’ll see.