Ides rather not.

Sunday, March 15th, 1998

Sunday night, and the house returns to something resembling normalcy after a visit from good friends who usually can be found hanging around my hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Bob and Susan and son Sam even braved a connection through O’Hare to get here, and I’m proud to report that our famed Atlanta weather must have been looking in the other direction, because it was kind of warm and pleasant, and after the record cold of earlier in the week, that’s amazing indeed.

We had a short, but entertaining reunion, complete with bad puns and good food and long, wandering anecdotes. Add to that a stroll up Stone Mountain with Jim, Rebecca, and Brigid, and well, it was fun.

Simple as that.

It’s been a busy few days leading up to their visit, and will be afterward, what with actual client projects, and my continuing experiments with DV and DVCPRO video, my office has that increasingly-cluttered look that gives me a clear indication that Work Mode is engaged. (This television stuff reminds me that I should probably update some of these pages with comments and possible enlightenment about the continued progress we seem to be making toward doing high-end design for television on increasingly smaller and more reasonably-priced systems.)

And add to that the Georgia Archaeology Week poster has finally gone to press–look for it soon at a school or library near you–or just click here to take a look at my handiwork.

You see, things are cooking here. Heck, I even turned down a large project so I could do a better job for my current clients. Go figure!

So, I gotta go. But before I do, let me ramble on a couple of fine time-wasting links:

Think I’ve been doing this television stuff for a long time? You’re right. Check out a collection of Early Video Editing Equipment to see just how far technology has come, and the Media History Project takes a look at storage technology from a similar angle, and, well, there’s the Pig Latin Converter at my alma mater (one of them). Thanks to my sister (who has an entertaining site of her own) for that one.

Stay warm and dry..and survive the ides, OK?