Falling through the cracks.

Friday, October 30th, 1998

This is, there is no doubt, my favorite time of year. Light is filtered through falling leaves in our backyard to create an aura of messy beauty: multicolored, complex, crunchy, sublime.

Also, it ain’t 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity out there, and that’s very nice indeed.

It is a bit warm, today though. Sam and I just got back from a nice stroll to the post office, a chance to see a batch of 30306-people gathered together–sometimes a bizarre sight. We watched a lady in line in front of us for whom chatting with the guy at the counter was no doubt the highlight of her day, and she stretched that moment out as much as was possible.

Our stroll was capped by a visit to Corner Compact Disk, which is, appropriately, just around the corner from here. Picked up the new R.E.M., plus some Kate and Anna McGarrigle music that always reminds me of driving north from Vermont into Quebec.

We wandered home past Moe’s and Joe’s–the bar is still recovering from being the location of some midnight filmmaking. I wandered out a couple of weeks ago to find the whole block of Highland Avenue cordoned off, and seeded with sixties cars, to provide an appropriate backdrop to a scene being shot inside the neon-washed Virginia-Highland landmark. Big crew, gig trucks, a lotta lights, and no visible superstars…hey, not like the time a scene from the excerable Freejack (starring Mick jagger as…oh, never mind) was shot three doors down from our house.

I had lunch in another neighborhood drinking landmark–Manuel’s Tavern–with a good friend from my TBS days, and we covered about everyone we knew, politics, child-rearing, and the future of television in a couple of hours–not bad.

So we move on, through a Halloween weekend and past that voting stuff and into a November that should be quite busy for me. Here’s to your November.

What else is new? I’ve tossed a couple more Media Rares into the archive for your reading pleasure. Beyond that? Maybe stay tuned.