Saturday, March 20th, 1999

We’re still kinda staggered around here. It was an amazing trip…two-plus weeks in Africa and the time in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and…well, that’s where I got this hacking cough that I’m still trying to (hack! cough!) lose.

But I can see the signs. We’ve turned the corner. Spring is in the air. Sam and I went by the Botannical Garden Friday afternoon, and it was a lot more colorful than the week before…not yet the proverbial riot of color, but it’s getting there. And with each degree-day of warmth, with each non-African bird singing in our backyard, I feel as if we’re getting back in sync with the forces of nature immediately around us, after exposure to the forces of nature a continent or two away.

We were sub-Equatorial, and you didn’t even get a lame t-shirt. And I haven’t put any pictures up this increasingly rusty site. I have tossed all the most recent Media Rares into the archives, giving you a nice complete set to plod through. Go! Look! Comment!

We’re going to try to get some more quality time in the out of doors in the next couple of weeks, but work is calling. There’s a 108 pound box from Chyron sitting in my office demanding to be hooked up. There’s images to make, logos to fly, web pages to design, ideas to kick around, beepers to set off, and conference calls to cough through.

And then after that, some serious maintenance on this site. I’m not kidding.

Enjoy your spring.