Kielbasa and walruses, of course.

Saturday, September 9th, 2000

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Just your average Southern pre-autumnal Saturday evening, as the Braves drag out an Expos game into the 11th inning. The sound of Van Wieren and Sutton is as much a background noise this time of year as the ceiling fans. It was a warm day again, although earlier this week we had a couple of days of Pacific Northwest weather, which was a treat. A couple of days in the mist. Aaaah!

Sammy and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home, which began with a homecooked turkey kielbasa and brussels sprouts…um, stir-fry, I think. It was good—I’m the frequent beneficiary of Sam’s experiments in multicultural cookin’.

We watched Iron Chef (allez cuisine!), and punched back and forth between that, a National Geographic Explorer on walruses, and the Braves on Turner South. As I said, kind of the usual, and for us, on a night like this, that’s a good thing.

We’re getting ready for a sojurn north, later this month, to see the fall leaves (and the people we care about who live among them), and we’ve heard reliable reports that it will be sweater weather by the time we get up there—but here again, we have the sun and the warm moist heat.

Just thinking about the weather (or not thinking of anything of consequence), as the evening draws to a close.