One year (off.)

Saturday, January 19th, 2002

The last entry on this site was January 18…2001, so if you’re reading this page right now, you have either stumbled here by accident or you have a strange masochistic streak that causes you to check in to see a site that hasn’t changed for, well, just exactly twelve months.

What has changed in twelve months? Ha…you have to ask? Well, last time I wrote for this site, Bill Clinton was enjoying his final hours in office. There was some sense that the economy might be weakening…and, oh yeah, I was about to begin a year of work on developing a news graphics automation system with Time Warner that would involve frequent trips to New York City…and on several trips I’d be staying at a very nice Embassy Suites across from the World Trade Center.


Since then, well, we’ve all lived…and learned. And have I had the gumption to journal any of this last roller-coaster twelve months? Well, no. If you’re looking for gumption, you’ll have to check out Nancy’s web page, now..hmm..just over a year old. (Maybe I was just abashed by her facility with this medium. Nah, it was something else.)

So. Twelve months later. And I still don’t have anything that profound to say.

I’ve got lots of work. I’m enjoying working with my brother on most of this. And, oh yeah, Sammy still hasn’t finished her dissertation.

So what else is new?