(Sex) object lessons.

Sunday, August 15th, 2004

“Blog, Interrupted”, April Witt’s Washington Post story on Jessica Cutler, the blog-and-tell intern. Somehow, this piece (which is just outstanding, I think) manages to address in one tidy package a lot of what I’ve been thinking about modern sexuality, the internet, slacker attitudes, feminist ideals filtered through a trashy pop culture, lessons on importance of looks versus what’s inside, what passes for power in Washington, and, uh, the all-too-frequent new-blogger incredulity: “you mean everyone can read what I just wrote?”

The lessons to be learned are myriad.

It’s long. It’s detailed. Read the whole thing while it’s there (how long do Washington Post pieces stay on their site?) Reflect. Repeat.

* * * * *

And while I’m in the linking-to-print-articles spirit, I commend to you:

Tom Shales of the WP on HBO’s edginess in general and Six Feet Under in particular–can you be too edgy?

The Post shamefully downplayed anti-war stories before the Iraq invasion…

Inside Al Queda’s hard drive–from the guy who bought it, in the Atlantic Monthly