In the form of a question.

Thursday, October 14th, 2004

Well, I’m excited…my sister is now “in the pool” to appear on Jeopardy, a year after my brother’s appearance. She’s written a great sum-up of her Culver City experience (Californians get to go to the mother ship to take the test).

[and an update: they called her the next day, so she’ll be heading up from San Diego for a taping the day after election day. “Alex, what is uncertainty about our country’s future?”]

I was going to point you to my brother’s summary of his experience (he did great in the first two-thirds of the show), but all I could find on his site was this reference. If you run in to him, though, he tells good stories as well.

And yes, I believe I made some sort of deal with my sister that if she got on the show, I would try out after her appearance. So the die is cast…