This house has been arborized.

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

Well, we bought the tree this morning, because we heard it would start raining in the afternoon, and so it has. Yes, we’re late tree-buyers, but we make up for it by leaving it up through most of January, as if we’re just sorta in another time zone.

Seems as if there are a bunch of things I want to blog about, but (also seems) like I’m less than inspired when I actually sit down here and try to type. I could tell you about the cross-country drive with my father, more than 2200 miles each way in search of my sister and her husband in San Diego. I could tell you about Sammy’s father’s arthroscopic knee surgery. I could tell you about our cool new DVD player that plays Divx files, MPEGs, Mp3s, the works. I could tell you about running into TBS colleague Glenn Boyette at the Wino Kroger the other day.

But um…not just yet.