I like a girl who gets up early.

Monday, June 13th, 2005

After determining with a certain amount of satisfaction that I can listen to just about any broadcast radio in the world that I want to listen to, from the BBC to the CBC to every NPR station I care about from WGBH to WUNC to KCRW to WOUB and even my old (formerly) 10 watt college station WGDR is online.

(In fact, let me commend you, if I haven’t already, to publicradiofan.com for the most amazing compilation of what’s out there in the land of the commercial-free.)

And a couple of weeks ago what’s left of my once-beloved clear channel AM stations (no, not Clear Channel the company, but clear channel as in they broadcast at night unobstructed by lesser stations, skipping across the ionosphere for hundreds of miles) have gone a-streaming, so I can hear KDKA and WBZ and WCBS, too. For a kid who used to stay up late to pull scratchy AM signals out of the ether through an amazing series of contortions, this is sweet internet heaven indeed.

But there was always one station, one program that was outside my grasp…until recently. My dear longtime friend Kevyn Burger, once serious broadcast journalist, once TV live shot queen has been doing this self-titled show on a Twin Cities FM radio station that stubbornly (seemed to me) refused to put those packets out there.

Well, she’s out there now, from 9 till noon central time. And her voice is coming out of my computer most mornings now. What a treat.

Her show’s kinda…well, extremely oriented toward women, but sometimes I like to catch up with What Women Want. That’s why I have an Ellen rerun on right now.