Hed to come, 2007.

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I wrote an entry with ‘Hed to come’ a year ago, much to my surprise. Today, we cover totally different territory, but quite chuckle-worthy, whether you’ve written headlines for a living or not:

Skywalkers in Korea cross Han solo

By BO-MI LIM, Associated Press Writer
Thu May 3, 3:34 PM ET

SEOUL, South Korea – They came from all over the world, poles in hand, and feet ready to inch more than half a mile across a high wire strung over the Han River in a spine-tingling battle of balance, speed and high anxiety.
As part of its annual city festival, the South Korean capital staged Thursday what was billed as the world’s first high-wire championship, drawing 18 contestants from nine countries for three days of supreme feats of concentration.

And the Asian theme summons from my dusty mental archives this great Ohio University Post headline, circa the Vietnam War:

Cambodians move arms

Two chuckles for the price of one!