Tweets of change.

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

From Twitter on this sunday fall afternoon, the sounds of change, 140 characters at a time:

Just got a call from my Mom in Denver. She is seeing Barack Obama speak today!

100,000 gather in Denver for Barack Obama rally. My sons called it “life-changing.”

Everything is bigger out west. Over 100,000 at obama’s rally in Denver today! 38 minutes ago

Reading that Obama spoke to a crowd of 100,000 today in Denver. McCain spoke to a crowd of less than 1,000.

Had a great time at the big Obama rally in Denver. No problem getting there – bus from boulder. Saw him from the steps of the capitol.

Over 100K at rally for Obama in Denver today. Seems like a lot of people are paying attention to this election and not just randomly voting.

fortunate enough to meet Barack Obama last night. What an inspiration.

Denver Post says there were 100k at the Obama rally. It was an impressive site and I’ll post the pictures when I get back to my mac.

100K at Denver Obama Rally. Denver, you rock. I’m feeling idealism coming back again.

Meanwhile, make no mistake, there are plenty of tweets out there that link the Democratic nominee to the holocaust, nazis, communists, Timothy McVeigh, Karl Marx, and anything else they can think of to generate fear.

Fear. Of a man running for president. That’s the sole tactic now.

It’s really amazing. And on such a beautiful fall day. Would have like to have seen that crowd in Denver in person (and in Indianapolis—Indy! last week)…but the 140-character-bursts-of-optimism will do.

One Colorado blogger reported “More than half of the crowd raised their hands in the affirmative to the question of whether they have voted yet. That’s inspiring, too! All in all, it was a somewhat effortless voyage into a considerably positive event. It was strong. It was intensely good. It was beautiful.”

Inspiration versus fear. There ya go.