Not quite over it.

Monday, July 20th, 2009


Frank Reynolds and Jules Bergman and Frank McGee and David Brinkley, and, oh yeah, Walter Cronkite were my guides and edge-of-seat companions 40 years ago as Wapakoneta Boy and Buzz Lightyear (on the backs of hundreds of NASA people) fulfilled Kennedy’s challenge. Even in the age before remote controls I punched (or dialed) around, grabbing coverage from all three networks.

Here’s a collection of things we may not have known then. Then as now, it’s a cool summer’s day.

I hoist my coffee in salute to the late Mr. Cronkite (all the other anchor guys I mentioned above have also passed away) and I sip in contemplation of what we humans are capable of when we hear the call.

The photo above, by the way, is of a theatre marquee in Yellow Springs, Ohio, roughly halfway between where I watched and Neil Armstrong’s tiny home town in Western Ohio.