Gotham snaps.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

I had a quick day-trip to New York last Friday for a business meeting and it was sunny (but jeez-o-petes cold by Southern standards). I bought a one-day unlimited-ride MetroCard at LaGuardia and let my trusty iPhone (with some judicious power management) lead me through buses and subways to some photographable sites. It was the kind of day where the city just looked nice…so I took advantage of that, grabbing pixels hither and yon…through two Apple stores, several seats of broadcasting, quite a few subway stations, the new-ish High Line park down by Chelsea Market, and finally, at Grand Central where I hopped a Metro-North train to get out of the city for an early, early flight homeā€”just ahead of the snows that dumped on the east coast.

So I’ve uploaded a selection of the images to this Flickr photo set, and I’m sharing them with you.

Wifi onboard.LGA wingage.Jackson Heights underneath.The classic staircase shot.All red shirts?Not Black Rock.

Plaza horse.Such a deal I have for you.Not some set in Astoria...High def tree.RCA 'television' camera.Helvetica underground.

Sidewalk sausage.Spelling words with the letters 'A-C-E-L'.Not oceanic.Elaborate kids' sidewalk game?The park upstairs.Was rusty ex-railroad, now sunny park.

Not benched.East on 15th.Afternoon shadows, overhead.Marketplace sign.Back in the High Line again.One television booster, please.

Les affiches du Chelsea.A friendly place, sales-wise.Grabbing a recharge.View from Apple Store Chelsea.And the haircut lasted for...Tile signage below ground.

Grand, central timepiece.Lights! Flag! Wreath! Action!Deco dominance.Absolut-ly not.Not part of the SNL set.Metro-North blur.