Vol au Vent.

Friday, April 7th, 2017

The wind, the wind, it’s still blowing. I guess this is the usual blusteriness of spring, but for me, it’s just the capper for a week of severe weather. Intense wind, rain, and hail that threatens to bring nature down upon this house always unnerves me because nature has already been brought down upon this house a couple of times over the decades.

So, enough already THIS year.

Maybe it’s a set of stresses that are wrapped up around living life under an administration clearly unqualified and very possbly a danger to the people I care about (which would include my fellow Americans and denizens of our fragile world.)

Maybe it’s just that my to-do list seems to be growing in a way that indicates distraction and unwillingness to buckle down.

I mean, taxes, auto tags, making sure Dad’s TV tunes in the Masters…everything.