Political aches and pains.

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

I have a clear memory of the night that Reagan defeated Carter. I have an even clearer mental tape of when he was re-elected, defeating Walter Mondale.

I find myself playing it in my head now and trying to compare it to how things feel in the cold reality of 2020. Sure, it felt wrong to have the addled actor in the White House. There was a pang, an ache knowing that so many of my fellow Americans were sucked in to the garbage about ‘Morning in America’ and supply-side economics.

But I think the Present Godawfulness has its own special quality of dread. There is world class international corruption, transacted deeply beneath the surface and out in plain sight. Crime. For financial gain, and oh my yes, power.

It is a new, very disturbing ache all its own.