Corrupt all the time.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

We’re sitting here listening to Wednesday night’s (tonight’s) Rachel Maddow Show interview with Lev Parnas (and lawyer), and it’s one of those moments like listening to John Dean talk to the house in 1973 or in the world of fiction, where Hal Holbrook tells Robert Redford’s version of Bob Woodward that their reporting was on the right track, and, if anything, the situation was even worse than they thought.

“All that stuff you’ve been hearing about and putting together without paperwork, recordings, or testimony from the White House? It’s all true.”

Rudy Giuliani: the G. Gordon Liddy of this scandal? Ah, well, maybe these seventies-to-now comparisons don’t serve our greater understanding. Donald Trump’s crimes exist uniquely in the messed-up world of today. And the list of complicit conspirators does not stop at the top, it dribbles down through the VP and attorney general, and, and…?

And on a day where the House solemnly delivered the impeachment counts down the hall to a Senate led by a diffident Mitch McConnell, it’s great to have an interview that sheds light into the insane machinations of Rudy Giuliani, lawyer to the President.

And then sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to chuckle at an MSNBC graphic that sums up one tiny component of this mess: “Parnas on Hyde: He’s Drunk all the Time.”

Ah, good night.