Rainbow connection.

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

My dear partner of some 30 years and my fellow blogger Sammy would handle a day like today in a concise, vivid way. She would discuss that we went on a walk in the neighborhood on a day that was very cold (especially in the shadows) and very windy pretty much everywhere we weren’t sheltered by tall structures.

One of the best places to be wind-sheltered and still outside is the Old Fourth Ward Park, just south of the Ponce City Market, which in turn is just across Ponce from our Whole Foods and Home Depot, which in turn is just a fence and a parking lot south from the Trader Joe’s we frequent. There, in a nutshell, is a lot of our Frequently Accessed Infrastructure, and the Atlanta BeltLine runs down the eastern edge of all of it, and on a weekend, that means we commune with our neighbors as we stroll and are passed by hurtling bicycles and prancing joggers aplenty. A-plenty.

So, as I said, Sammy would cover this in a tenth as many words, and she’d poetically call your attention to the visual highlight of the day, which would probably be this fine rainbow viewed from the south edge of the O4W Park fountain, spattered into a fine mist by the winds that made it into the recesses of the park’s ponds/lakes/drainage.

But today, it was our walk and thus our shared rainbow moment. Nice.