Friday, January 31st, 2020

It was a cold and rainy day in Atlanta, and, judging from my sampling of YouTube live cameras (hey, who isn’t fascinated by a railroad crossing in a tiny town in northwest Ohio—LIVE!) it was a fairly scuzzy day for lots of folks across North America.

So we went up to Lenox Square and walked around some. Strolled…nah, briskly walked past open portals of commerce, all with a faintly desperate “won’t you PLEASE come in and SPEND some money” vibe that really doesn’t do much for me.

And then there’s the Lenox Apple Store, where I watched one hipstery sales person (there’s probably an Apple-approved term that sounds a lot better, but that’s what I have at this hour) leaning casually on the very very expensive new Mac Pro, discussing it with folks who had a bit of an interest in video production, but who were clearly not jaded ex-professionals like me.

An image I created displayed on the $4999 Pro Display XDR, ($1000 stand extra.)

I kind of wanted to say “Hey dude, don’t lean on the equipment”, but it was his shop, not mine.

Then I heard another employee behind me discussing the pricing of a MacBook Pro plus a fancy monitor as being “about 70 grand.” The customer started to wilt and I wheeled around and interjected “You mean 7 grand. 7 thousand dollars.”

Uh, yeah, whatever. If you have to ask. And as the leaning guy said, “we’re backordered on all of these anyway.”