Chippy, now drippy.

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

I spent a lot of today staring at text on my screen, deep within the tortured logic of obscure API calls, delving deeply into the way images are served on web browsers (like the one you’re using to read this now)…and listening to a second day of wood chipping not far outside my front door.

And I thought leaf blowers were annoying.

An image I tossed up onto the Instagram in July of 2011. For no good reason.

The guy across the street has taken—well—he’s commanded people to take two major and unruly entangled trees out of his back yard, along with a vast amount of plant material that grows up, over, around, and within these trees. It’s one of the reasons Atlanta was a city of trees before it became a city of mixed-use development. Stuff grows here. Boy, does it. This removal has been a major operation, with 4 or 5 vehicles, ropes, ladders, and the aural star of the show, a large Vermeer (ask for it by name) wood chipper, and, surprise, several loud gas leaf blowers to tidy up the detritus.

But I think they’re done for now. At any rate, a large amount of rain is supposed to wash through overnight, and I hope the rain and accompanying cold front marches through town with as little drama as possible. Sounds drippy outside.