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Saturday, February 8th, 2020

I don’t know anyone else whose initials are those of a noted British company that makes excavating machines, tractors, backhoes, and the like.

But I’m oddly proud that mine are. I guess if my name was John Deere or Edward Caterpillar I’d have much the same reaction. (No, don’t bother looking, I just made up Edward Caterpillar.) Deere, however, was a real guy.

Wikipedia says:

JCB was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, after whom it is named; it continues to be owned by the Bamford family. In the UK, India and Ireland, the word “JCB” is often used colloquially as a generic description for mechanical diggers and excavators and now appears in the Oxford English Dictionary, although it is still held as a trademark.

So…not just a predominant set of initials, but the Oxford Dictionary says when you’re talking JCB, you might as well be talking about big’ol yellow digging machines.

I’m so proud.

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