A day in Grit City.

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

I’ve been through Tacoma, Washington many times, at speed, on Interstate 5, where it seems like an industrial blur fronted by a Jupiter 2-shaped building called the Tacoma Dome perched on the edge of the freeway.

But today we went into Tacoma proper, to the Museum of Glass, a modern building with a conic cylinder of glass and steel along the waterfront. Really nice museum, with a ‘hot room’ (right in the conical part) where trained artisans pull molten blobs out of furnaces and shape them into decanters and pitchers and elegant glassware.

And in their very fine gift shop, where you can buy decanters and pitchers and elegant glassware and earrings, they had copies of Grit City Magazine for sale, shown here.

So…Grit City? Is that really what Tacoma’s called? Turns out it’s a long story, and this Grit City Magazine article tells it well, and, spoiler alert, it has nothing to do with cornmeal.