(Live) van life.

Friday, February 21st, 2020

I really need a picture for this post to be complete, but I’ve seen 6 or 7 apparent van conversions out here in Seattle where people have crafted various rolling behemoths into their day-in, day-out home. Often parked near the ocean or in an out of the way park, these mobile homes range from the deluxe to the scavenged-looking, and for some reason they seem to include one or more large dogs along with the young couple who have decided to live The Life Nomadic.

Today down by Golden Gardens Park I spotted an early-2000s Ford Van that had (to me) an obvious provenience: it was a former TV News ENG truck, probably one with a large mast (now gone) on top. Its initial conversion, from empty box to one brimming with TV gear, was done by Frontline Communications of Clearwater, Florida. Easy to tell: it still had the Frontline stickers and the large panel on the right side that engineers plugged cable after cable into…and the platform on top that they would climb on to point the antenna toward the microwave receiver at the station.

Now, it would seem, it is a home. Dog included.