Friday floral.

Friday, March 6th, 2020

A roller-coaster political week, overlaid by the fear and misinformation that the Pandemic of 2020 has engendered worldwide, but especially here in the land of a lying administration.

Meanwhile, we took a deep breath, noticed the bright sun in a clear-blue sky, and took a foray (as we do) to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Piedmont Park.

Sammy has a bright red and yellow flower (ah, don’t ask me what kind) in her sights.

It was gusty, a little cool, but after rainy day after rainy day, it was a novel treat to wander with our fine phone cameras and the one we call ‘new’—the Sony RX100 M7. And the park and garden gave us plenty of colorful moments to gather pixels and admire their beauty.

(This kind of expedition often yields the raw material for Sammy’s daily posts, which can be scrolled through as a sort of reverse-stop motion movie of spring’s emergence. Quite beautiful.)

The rest of the news of the world dropped away for a while, and that sure was nice.