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Saturday, March 7th, 2020

I looked at one of my Instagram posts this evening on a web browser on a desktop machine and saw this at the bottom:

Is this new? It’s a feature-y box with the six most recent pictures I’ve uploaded. I’ve really got dual feelings going for the Instagram these days. I am not signed up for Facebook and sorry, never will. However, I am well aware that Instagram is owned by Facebook (it’s right there at the bottom of that page!) and the things I’m doing there are all grist for the burgeoning Mill of Zuckerberg.

But (and this is a sentence that all my friends with Facebook accounts have uttered in one form or another) I have no other way to make sure this particular outlet of my creativity gets seen by the people in my life I care about, and of course conversely I have no other way to get a sense of how their lives are going. And I like looking back at the 3171 images I’ve cast onto Instagram’s servers since October of 2010 (when Instagram was not owned by Facebook) and using them as little life thumbnails.

So there’s some sort of grade A hypocrisy emerging from me right there.

I’m thinking of maybe simulcasting those images from now on here. But it seems like a different sort of conversation we’re having, a different channel.

More pondering is called for. But hey, for now, enjoy the pictures! There’s a taco with a moustache and our old neighborhood video store and Robot vs. Prius and french typography and tilty Zuckerberg and the 36 MARTA bus lurching through the night.

As am I.