Pole chirps.

Monday, March 9th, 2020

One of the things I admire about how Sammy pulls together a daily post is that she’s been out walking in the natural world, and, this time of year, is usually rewarded with an abundance of wonderful colors and fine details of blooming stuff in our basically very urban neighborhood.

I guess her choice to head toward Piedmont Park today also tilted her captured visual world in the direction of the beautiful.

Me, I plugged in bluetooth earbuds and headed down toward Ponce.

I paid my respects to our library, closed for months now, under…renovation? That’s what we’re told. It kind of looks like the venue for a hostage situation right now.

The fine vehicle above is a fixture in front of Intown Hardware. It has stickers and rust from places near and far.

And, well, this is the pole I stare at as I wait for the odd bird chirping noises and iconography that indicates it’s safe to head across the busy Ponce de Leon Avenue.