Three and done.

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

It’s late on Saturday night, and I’ve spent a lot of today researching technical problems and resolutions of screens and display gamuts and type of connectors and so on and so on. (I think Sammy needs a new monitor. It both is and is not as simple as that sounds.) And who knew, right now screen prices are going up because folks are equipping work-from-home setups at a remarkable pace.

I just am not in the mood to plow though any of that any more. I wish I could do the Archaeofacts thing of two or three pictures, a line of copy, on the surface just kinda observational, but on second pass, deeply profound.

It’s a skill.

Boom. Chalk. Ahh, colorful, precise, attention-getting.

Aaagh! Mask. Monochromatic, discarded, portentious.

Third one! Another splash of color! Smeary! Energetic.

I’d like to thank the Poncey Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, just a few blocks from here, for being a constant source of visual interest and amusement, even during a quick walk down to the store to rebourbonize the house. G’night!