No glimmers.

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

I spent a lot of today scrolling, with mouse or finger, in a largely futile search for hopeful items, observations, moments, maybe even memes. Nah, I have no use for memes.

At any rate, the nuts and bolts functionality of our home remains solid if a tad repetitive. I went out for groceries early today to take advantage of ‘geezer hours’ and it was painless and everything was well-stocked and we want for nothing.

Our sources of content remain abundant. Our internet remains fast. Our car, after sitting quietly for several days, seemed to enjoy its brief mission within a mile or two of here.

But then I watch interviewed protestors who believe the Founders fought and died for our right to get our hair done and our baseball stadiums filled. I look at a picture from a park in Lansing where I walked with Sammy when we went up to care for her parents, and there’s a protesting duo with a Trump/swastika/Pence banner as tall as they are.

And I really want to get past this. No, not just the virus.