Tattoos available.

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

I’ve been checking in, or more accurately, have been checked in on by several out of state friends, who are curious about the exact level of lunacy possessed by Governor Brian Kemp, Republican of Georgia. The guy we’re forced to count on to make decisions that are, by definition, life and death.

And I say yeah, he’s the guy awarded the Governorship after an extremely disputed election where, quite antidemocratically, he was running the Election board for his own election in his role of Secretary of State. Stacey Abrams can tell you all about Kemp.

And lo, he has put forth new rules, effective starting Friday, with even more opening next Monday, and for reasons that completely elude me, well: Georgia tattoo parlors. Bowling alleys. Massage parlors. Open for business.

Several wise people have said this is a classic Republican move. These people can’t claim unemployment if their jobs are ostensibly ‘available’…and yet super dangerous now, super risky. So it puts less of a strain on the state, which has been set up by GOP legislators to have way less capacity to handle the strain of the unexpected.

Several other wise people have pointed out how this virus as well as the recovery from it unfairly and disproportionately affects people of color, the poor, people who are less likely to work from home. Georgia very much has that sort of makeup. The next 30 days are, well, the die is cast.