Good enough Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

It was a quiet, productive day today. I did all the correct stuff and went grocery shopping. We now have a pantry and refrigerator full of fine foods. Had a great dinner featuring the stuffed pasta that Trader Joes had been out of for a while, but it’s back. Reported a spam/spoof email to the company it was pretending to be from. Watched some content on the device(s). It was that kind of day.

Enjoyed paging through some more of my non-screen-based living room reading, the delightful Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking. I have determined that the necessity to create not 1 but 32 ripped telegrams, not 1 but 24 passports from a fictional country might daunt me before I began and keep me away from yet another non-career that I have (optimistically) 70% of the skills for. Yes, I know movie people do lots of takes. But they could just, y’know, be careful with the intricately crafted book of train tickets from another era. Use gloves!

Since I was reading a book by a Dublin-based designer and our usual pattern of international travel remains disrupted, and since Dublin is in Ireland and Scotland is, well, right nearby, I leave you with a (for me) nostalgic picture of Lochgilphead. Possibly the first picture of Lochgilphead you’ve seen this week! How’s that town name pronounced? How indeed.