Waxing tonight.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

It’s been windy all day, and when I went out to tuck the car in for the night, I couldn’t ignore the brightness of a very full moon just coming over the east corner of the house. Well, tomorrow the 7th is the actual full moonday, but I’m telling you, it has done some serious waxing this evening. It is big and round and very bright. It blasted my face like a light blue spotlight. And something felt cool, autumnal. Well, basically, it was cool, a cold front having successfully moved through here throughout the day.

My system was fooled by the cool air and the powerful moonlight, just for a second. Good thing I’m not a meteorologist.

But it’s not August 6th, it’s May 6th. We’ve got a summer to get through. We have more drama ahead. The general election is not right around the corner.

I’m telling myself all these things.