Friday feast.

Friday, May 8th, 2020

I can smell dijon chicken baking in the next room. And carrots and cauliflower. Wait, let me check.
[several hours later]

Yes, that was delicious. It was my intention to head into the kitchen and grab a quick shot of the chicken still burbling away in the oven, but Sammy surprised me and had everything out and ready to go, so it was dinnertime on a friday night!

Because it smelled so good, I didn’t have much forbearance to do anything particularly food stylist-y and make the arrangement of the chicken thighs on my plate just so or compose things for the perfect aspect ratio shot of all our things arrayed for us, I offer you instead this very vertical view of cauliflower and carrots right on the sheet pan from the oven, tomatoes for me and (not seen) cucumber for Sammy, and the chicken thighs with a dijon mustard and garlic and panko breadcrumb thing that is really quite yummy and one of my favorites. Click (I took the picture) and eat.

And it has one of the other characteristic we like during extended home stays, even not under pandemic conditions: it “makes good leftovers.”

It goes well with a modest dessert of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate squares—just one or two—and a sip of bourbon. We’re fortunate more than I can say.