Filter, reduce, sort.

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Today, after grocery shopping during the geezer hour and after shipping off a nice clean version of an archaeology firm’s logo to central Georgia because they’re going to make a sign for their new headquarters, I spent some time unraveling some thorny coding problems that taught me about some functions that real pros use all the time, and for me it was try it once, nope, not it, try again, not quite, try again for the 37th time, ahhh, that’s the correct series of braces, brackets, and commas to make the software happy.

Functions, by the way, are mini-programs within programs. You could make a function where you hand it your birthday and it returns back to you how many seconds you’ve been alive, in a flash.

But this particular satisfying end result was a script where I could put two calendar dates in (or one) and bammo, a web page appears with thumbnails of all the Instagrams Sammy and I shot between those two dates. Both of our stuff, interleaved together, in fact, modestly color-coded so one could see at a glance who shot what.

Although…it’s fairly obvious to the two of us whose is whose, but the distribution! The “oh, you did this at the same time I was doing that” is kind of interesting.

So now we have just one more more-or-less hand-crafted tool in our computer toolbox. And I learned a bit more about filter, map, reduce, and sort, at least as far as Javascript interpreters know those words.