Team building.

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

MSNBC screengrab from Joy Reid’s twitter feed. Interesting that Joe and her network’s logo is kinda drifting off the right side of the screen.

End of our day, and Joe Biden is live over on MSNBC proving himself aware that the United States is a country on the planet Earth, and that the way we work with others in the world affects our economy and how we address global problems like this coronavirus thing involves global wisdom and cooperation (as does, lest we forget, climate change.) He’s lucid and fervent and pretty darned informed.

I’d say let’s let this guy take over in November and bring in a team who can turn things on a dime. A really, really big team of smart people. And if Biden is smart enough to do that and take two ego-respectful steps back and let the aforementioned smart people get us out of the muck and mire, he will have earned a lifetime of thanks. And statues in front of hospitals.

And yes, I know that the administration doesn’t change until January 20th, but I know that the moment in November we have real numbers (and MSNBC’s other ‘town hall’ guest Stacey Abrams would very much like us to have real, hard vote numbers efficiently and safely), Biden’s team will assemble with an urgency and sense of mission that will make Tony Stark’s pals seem lethargic.