Not memorial.

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

I had to take a look at the calendar and recalibrate for a moment. No, Memorial Day is not until Monday, and that, in our family, kicks off another 20 days or so of birthdays. This is just basically Saturday. A day of “hey, we’re open! Freedom!” …for many. (Some will be celebrating said freedoms more sensibly and conservatively than others.)

But the calendar! The way we measure time in this thing versus before. The missed gatherings with birthday cake. Even though the precise date and time hangs out at the top of every device I use (I can see it there right now) I need to squint and look at it again, and maybe one more time to be sure. Are we paid up on our property tax yet? Oh yeah, that was in March. How about our car tags (nah, trick question: the Georgia tag offices are closed for pandemic and won’t even process mail-submitted renewals until they open back up. We’ve been given a moratorium.)

Our devices are great at this whole pile of notifications and remindering. I’m just looking at them a slightly different way. Of course maybe I should power it all down and just go out and measure time by watching the apple trees slowly come into bloom.