Flowers and a river.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

I can still do a lot of blogging/writing things with my iPad Pro from 2018 or even with my iPhone, but it’s nice occasionally to have all the MacOS tools available, which usually includes access to photos and easy access to content in multiple browser windows. So when Sammy wasn’t deep into research, I grabbed our MacBook Pro.

I noticed that my past few days’ essays have been image-free, and this photo today, an image of lovely flowers next to a quietly flowing river, well, that’s a few days old, and has nothing to do with what’s in my head, but… it’s flowers and a river, so please! Enjoy!

I was kinda prepared to talk about the launch of humans into space from Florida, but that’s been postponed until the weekend at the earliest—stormy weather at the launch site. The project stirs up the old excitement about Americans in space, delivered by capitalism and ambition, but the political statements of SpaceX owner Elon Musk leave me cold, to say the least.

I was even kinda prepared to try and talk about the brutal police violence that killed an African American man in Minneapolis, and the inequities of race that enabled a scofflaw white dogwalker in Central Park to decide that the best way to deal with being asked to reattach the leash to her dog (it’s right there on the sign, lady) was to call 911 and claim she was being threatened by this black man…this…birdwatcher. Augggh.

And I listened to a podcast today where CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was interviewed about the 40th anniversary of CNN and had a few thoughts I thought I could talk about, but that can wait until Monday, the actual date.

Until then, I’m going to meditate on this image, and maybe go out and accumulate some more interesting ones.