Wednesday fatigue.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

I hear more and more interviews that express how tired people (many of them peacefully protesting the killing of George Floyd) are. I can feel that. I spent a fair chunk of this morning churning through the available online news related to the protests, police violence, and the attempts to set our country on a better course. Man, oh man.

I have to look away for just a moment and let some of it process. Reset, refresh, renew. Just for today, I’ll again shamelessly attempt to echo the Sammy blog style:

Look! It’s a bird. I think it might be some sort of plover, but that’s only because Sammy was plowing through bird books this afternoon.

In conjunction with the National Park Service, I present a digger with my initials on it!

This, my fellow blog readers, is a Superior photographer (in every way.)