Scattered and humid.

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Every so often I’m reminded why I like to work on a large screen (two, actually) on a desktop running a fairly current (but not the absolute latest) version of the MacOS operating system.

It’s connected to Mondays. Or at least Mondays like this one.

You got your terminal windows and your PDFs and your web pages a-plenty. You got your textfiles laden with, well, I’ll be charitable and call it code. You got videos where a guy is discussing “Data Essentials in SwiftUI”—one of the sessions from last week’s virtualized WWDC. You got a podcast where two smart and snarky guys reflect on that session. I’m learning how to make creative crosshatch patterns in vector graphics with just a line or two of Javascript. I’m reading someone’s Masters’ thesis from Mumbai about a Spanish crime series (on Netflix) and it’s anarchist roots. I’ve got a terminal window reporting the humidity down in the basement every 30 seconds (I have a science experiment down there.)

And this is just Monday, the last Monday of June. The trash and recycling is out on the curb, it’s late, and let’s call it a scattered Monday.