July, the roller-coaster month.

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Welcome to July. The pandemic continues.

For many renters who have been out of work for months, the rent is due. They might have to fight evictions in court.

According to the Washington Post, drug overdoses jumped 18% nationally in March, 29 percent in April, and 42 percent in May.

The President’s campaign has released an America First Trump 2020 T-shirt with an aggressive right-facing eagle remarkably like the one on Hitler’s Nazi banners.

And I went to the Murder Kroger on Ponce today to get some milk, and except for one guy and one woman who was making a phone call with her mask down around her neck, everyone was wearing a mask.

Pence was wearing a mask getting off the plane in Arizona.

Georgia governor Kemp has been wearing a mask in most public appearances.

Mississippi’s governor and Texas’s governor have been begging their citizens to follow CDC guidelines. Some have closed bars and beaches. Some governors have said there’s no way citizens will follow those instructions. But they are pivoting. Republican senators are joining them.

I had started out going to the Atlanta midtown Trader Joe’s, but signs on the doors said it would be closed all day today for “a deep cleaning.”

Less than two weeks ago, it was 100.4 degrees F in Verkhoyansk, in Siberian Russia. That’s a bit warm for the arctic.

That’s a lotta ups and downs for, what, one day?