Some more smiling.

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

Kamala Harris
It’s a long way to November. There’s a lot of crap between now and then.

But a lot of people are smiling this afternoon and evening in reaction to the news that Joe Biden’s running mate will be Kamala Harris. That assertion is not a “all eyes are on” cliché of reporting…I’ve been looking at the faces on the split screens of cable news and scrolling by in the Twitterverse, and so many are unabashedly smiling.

That’s great. We needed a day like this. And I think this puts the Biden/Harris ticket in a powerful spot against two very very misogynistic Republicans, Trump and Pence.

That certainly should mean that she’ll be our next Vice-President, part of a team that has so, so, so much cleanup work to do. I was thinking about how we thought about how Obama had such a tough task, to hit the ground running and orchestrate a stimulus package to clean up the mess of the 2007-8 economic recession. And he did—and he and his VP did a great job patching things back together.

But this America that will be left for the next administration to repair, to re-create, to heal… oh, my.

Harris is a great choice in the face of all that. Another smart Biden decision.