Monday, August 24th, 2020

News sites love to push out tons and tons of tracking code, giant logos, and fancy animations and video along with their web pages, but I know when I find myself in, shall we say, a bandwidth-constrained location, where the data speeds are just about at 1995 dialup levels, well, then you’d certainly appreciate a site where the headlines are simple, the text is easy to read and the ads are mercifully nonexistent.

CNN has one, as does NPR. There may be others, but these will get you through a data drought and reassure you that the idiotic stuff that you thought was happening (and yet couldn’t bring yourself to watch)…well, yeah, that stuff is happening.

I like to think this as a public service of these massive news sites. It might be possible that it’s just a script running on a server somewhere that people have forgotten and when they spot it, they’ll yank it down with force.

But I sure hope they don’t. Words, just words. Sometimes that’s the essence of what the news is.