Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

I just got back from errands outside in the heat, and am happily settled in my cluttered office, with various spinning-platter hard disks making noises and the sunlight coming and going outside through the clouds.

(Wow, that paragraph represents a general upbeat tone that somehow seems to evaporate with the sun as the day draws to a close. Hi. It’s several hours later. Nighttime!)

Maybe it’s my (careful, discriminating) perusal of the headlines of the day. Look! More behaviors you can’t control, except, of course, by voting in 60 days or so.

We had soup for dinner this evening. It manifested no threat to local law enforcement. I think if we hurled it at them, the tofu would cushion the blow.

Oh, and I did come cross one tweet from former NPR host Todd Zwillich, who managed to distill the challenges of 2020 election coverage and the stand-up. open way to deal with it into a tweet:

News outlets covering election night live should tell viewers/listeners/readers in advance how they plan to handle it. What the standards will be; how they’ll treat premature victory claims; or claims of fraud w/out evidence; when they’ll call a state. Transparency & expectations