Carefully made warnings.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

I love this photo because the signs are not only carefully lettered, but they are duct-taped on all four sides onto the Pepsi machine in such a way as to minimize vandalism, and the “bulbs out machine works” sign, casually taped, is on a piece of Bellagio stationery.

So my story is: the guy who tends to this rural Michigan laundromat, after several iterations, has developed a stable enough economic platform that will reliably yield a bounty of quarters, so that when he goes to his next trip to Las Vegas, pockets bulging with quarter rolls, he has enough for a fancy room at a big-name Vegas hotel. There, he blows his stash of coinage and returns to maintain the simple cinder block laundromat and its one nonilluminated but functional Pepsi machine.