Tantrum’s aftermath.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Although I have no solid information, I would speculate that this photo is the aftermath of either a very bad storm or a very bad temper.

I include it here as some sort of loose metaphor for making a mental recovery after that 90 minutes of television last night labeled a Presidential Debate. Yeeee-owwwww. And please make no mistake, the turbulence and tantrums were coming from the current President of the United States.

The other guy, the guy we are voting for, turned to the camera and expressed concern and empathy toward the American people. Again. And in the face of spittle-laden insults and slander against Biden’s children.

I feel as if today we’ve done what people do after a very bad storm…check in with each other and make sure that, although frayed at the edges, we have the energy to keep moving forward. (A few more weeks.) Talked to several friends in other states, and the uniform sentiment of “WTF was that crap?!” was in itself reassuring.