Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Okay, somehow these three recent Instagrams are speaking to me at this moment, in the earliest minutes of Wednesday, the 18th of November.

The middle one is from the Upper Peninsula, and shows a sign in front of an ex-restaurant that has also seen better days. The bottom one is from the very early 1980s, when I was shooting lights in the studio in hopes of creating some light bursts that would look good behind a baseball. And the top one is some very old tech indeed, but in fact captured just about a month ago in a program that emulates an early Macintosh down to the last detail.

As far as I can figure out at this moment, there’s nothing that links these three together (except they’re from my Instagram feed and are fairly recent, which is to say since the middle of October when it’s now the middle of November.) Only the falling sign is an actual photograph—the other two are from images I’ve captured in other ways and had lying around.

So when I look back on this in a month or so and say “just what what I thinking?” …well, your guess is and will be as good as mine.