The birthday month ends.

Monday, May 1st, 1995

We’ve come to the end of April, and just had a nice evening of folks over for pizza and cake that my brother’s wife and daughter baked. This is marginally a celebration of my birthday, which was on the 11th, as well as those of Tom Burton and J.C. Salyer, who were also here to blow out some candles. I seem to know a batch of April birthdays, including my good friend (and Emmy Award winning editor) Mark West in LA, my wife’s father, the station manager of KCCI in Des Moines (also the 11th), and, uh, David Letterman. I mention all this to call your attention to the Web Birthday Page, which is a great cosmic gathering place for people with common birthdays.

I bought myself a High-8 video camera over the weekend from a mail order place that happens to have a net presence, as just one more source for the video images I blend together in the name of television. Will images from the camera show up on this server soon? Mmmm…could be. Will I annoy friends and family with this thing? Perhaps. But I really purchased it for those moments where the sunset looks just perfect…and should be captured for some kinda posterity. Now of course, I’ll never have it in hand when that happens.

Most of my friends in television will be crazy the next few weeks because it’s time for ‘the May book’, yet another round of ratings sweeps. Me, I intend to let as much of it drift by as possible.